I Have Moved: www.shrutisuresh.com

Hey you guys! You are all awesome! Thanks for following me all this while. I have now moved to a new website: http://www.shrutisuresh.com Please visit me there and follow my posts. It’s a… Continue reading

Confessions of a Young Entrepreneur – Updated 5th Nov ’14

Originally posted on Impressione:
The Quick Realizations I was always excited to finish school and college, leave behind the boring classrooms to sit at intimidating conference tables over important discussions with serious business…

TownTrendz.com Reviews Loft38 Bangalore

Watch food reviews from TownTrendz.com. Be a part of the foodie community and review on the TT platform.

Confessions of a Young Entrepreneur – Updated 5th Nov ’14

Shruti Suresh is a writer, with a content and social media marketing startup. Her experience with life translates into the words she writes, and Confessions is the story to how she faces entrepreneurship. Subscribe to her blog to get updates on the story.

On The Eve Of 25

There are those years when all you do is wait for that special day all year long. The day you are treated like a princess, showered with gifts, fed with the most delicious… Continue reading

What Road Sense Says About You

Are you agoraphobic? (Psst, it is an anxiety disorder where a person panics in outdoor environment and often holes up indoors) No? Well, then this article definitely applies to you. We all spend a… Continue reading

21 Things A Girl With A Guy Best Friend Can Relate To

Every guy has his bros, while very few are proud to say they have a girl best friend. Every girl has her BFF, while very few even think it’s worth having a guy… Continue reading

Are You Planning to Go Plastic?

We are constantly enhancing our physical appearance with makeup, hairstyles, piercings and tattoos. While all these are reversible changes, plastic surgery is a choice that is irreversible. It is an attractive option to… Continue reading

10 Most Ancient and Astounding Erotic Art Collections

The topic of eroticism is a taboo in most regions around the world today. However, just about a few centuries ago, the ancestors of people from these very regions had a liberal mindset. Eroticism was not only… Continue reading

TREND: Nude Makeup

There are some people who live by it, some who advocate against it, and some who preach the importance of believing in inner beauty. No matter what anyone says, beauty will always be… Continue reading

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